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Bucket List

If ever there was a Bucket List contender, the Amazing Anambas Islands, surely is it.

Anambas ticks all the boxes that a bucket list travel destination should tick. Ultimate privacy and seclusion? Check. Breathtaking scenery in paradise? Check. Unforgettable Travel experience? Check. Off the beaten track? Check. Race against time? Check.

Bucket list item 1 - Ultimate privacy and seclusion

The Anambas archipelago comprises over 230 individual islands, several of which offer a resort. However, from the start, the region's forward-thinking local government's objective has been to follow the one-island-one-resort protocol. Not only is this more eco-friendly and thus sustainable, but it also guarantees ultimate privacy and seclusion. You'll think you're on your own private little paradise island.

Bucket list item 2 - Breathtaking scenery in paradise

When it comes to timeless beauty, bounty islands, turquoise-blue crystal-clear coral-endowed seas and exotic ambiance, Anambas rivals even Maldives. In fact, the main difference between Anambas and Maldives, apart from their geographical location, is the fact that, unlike Maldives, Anambas has always managed to stay under international tourism's radar. But in terms of stunning vistas, sunny tropical backdrop and gorgeous beaches, Anambas ranks way up there. But don't just take our word for it.

Bucket list item 3 - Unforgettable Travel experience

Due to the Anambas Islands' proximity to the so-called Coral Triangle, coral species diversity here is said to be higher than even Great Barrier Reef's. It's not for nothing that Anambas has been called snorkelling heaven. But Anambas is also unique for the way time seems to have stood still here. For instance, the countless uninhabited castaway islands you'll encounter, the swathes of lush untouched jungles, and even the villages' early morning fish-market, are all somewhat of a throw-back to bygone days. As is the kindhearted ever-welcoming nature of the Anambas people. Selamat datang :)

Bucket list item 4 - Off the beaten track

Ask ten of your friends if they know where Anambas is and they're likely to ask you "What's Anambas?". Part of the reason the Anambas Archipelago is still so unknown is its pretty anomalous location. For an Indonesian territory to be situated just east of Peninsular Malaysia is a bit odd. It appears that as a result of this geographical no-man's land, the islands have managed to evade discovery by the tourism industry. All the more astonishing when you realize that Anambas is just over 250 kilometers away from Singapore.

Bucket list item 5 - Race against time

But there are signs that Anambas' wholesale discovery isn't far away. Infrastructure and logistics projects seem to be gaining momentum. And tourism developments, whilst still very much in their infancy, are said to be gathering steam here and there. In other words, if you want to experience Anambas in all its magnificent untouched glory, then perhaps it's best not too wait to long before you can tick it off your bucket list.

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Amazing Anambas - bucket list
Amazing Anambas - island oasis

Amazing Anambas - bucket list
Amazing Anambas - Asia's last hidden paradise

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