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Anambas Islands

The Anambas Islands is an idyllic edge-of-the-world Indonesian territory in the South China Sea. Sheltered by Peninsular Malaysia to the west and Borneo to the east, the Anambas Islands consist of more than 250 islands large and small.

Remote and blessed with alluring vistas on both land and at sea, the Anambas Islands have been labeled a top five tropical island paradise destination in Asia by none other than CNN.

Now, whilst most of the population of the Anambas Islands are fishermen or in one way or another involved in fishing-related industries, tourism in the Anambas Islands has been gaining a fair amount of traction of late. Hotels, resorts, homestays and other accommodation types are beginning to spring up on the more accessible Anambas islands and tourist numbers, though still quite modest, have been growing annually.

As of currently, 2020, the Anambas Islands are at a crossroads; on the one hand, the breathtaking islands are still not quite as accessible and, as such, still mostly undiscovered. But on the other hand, the territory covered by the Anambas Islands offers absolutely astonishing potential and, this much is clear, looks poised to become a major international tourist draw, in part due to the efforts of the forward-looking Anambas Islands government.

To wit, the local Tourism Department of the Anambas Islands is clearly aware of the importance of connectivity, given the scattered nature of the land and has, in fact, already initiated a number of infrastructure developments, including new roads, new bridges, a new commercial airport, as well as a fibre optics internet project that will connect the Anambas Islands to Malaysia and Borne.

In view of above, if ever there was a time to experience the Anambas Islands, this must be it. So if you've been thinking of exploring some of the Anambas Islands' dazzling natural wonders, let our website inspire you.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Amazing beaches. Amazing Anambas
Amazing beaches, Anambas Islands

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Beautiful Pulau Bawah, Anambas
Beautiful Pulau Bawah, Anambas Islands

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