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Anambas Anchorages

If you're looking to explore the Anambas Archipelago, then you may want to take note the following Anambas anchorages:

1. Tarempa Bay

There's also an anchorage within the Tarempa harbour itself, just off the Navy Jetty and a stone's throw away from the speedboat jetty. The coordinates are at 03° 13'.12N 106° 13'.14E. Water depth is more than 20 metres and the sea floor consists of mud and debris. This anchorage runs more or less parallel to the little road that leads from Tarempa to Tanjung Tebu. FYI, there's is a reef between the anchorage and this road. Incidentally, this particular anchorage tends to be the anchorage of choice during the yearly Sail Anambas.

2. Mubur Island

The Mubur Island anchorage is located at 03° 23'.04N 106° 13'.48E. The sea floor here is a mixture of sand and coral. Please take care when you drop anchor. This anchorage, by the way, is close to a lovely white sandy beach.

3. Pulau Penjalin

This popular anchorage, at 03°23'.59N 106°26'.89E, is close to one of the more northerly Anambas islands, Penjalin, which makes it a great stop before sailing on to Natuna. The sea floor at Penjalin comprises some sand and some coral and some rocky sections. Please mind the coral while dropping anchor. Incidentally, Pulau Penjalin is quite beautiful and offers quite a long white sandy beach. Great for a BBQ or a picnic. The beach also boasts stunning rock formations at both ends.

4. Anambas Resort, Tanjung Tebu

Just adjacent to the Tarempa Bay, this anchorage is located in the Tanjung Tebu, at 03°13.64N 106°14.38E, directly opposite Anambas Resort. The water depth is about 20 meters and the whole area is sheltered from March to November, i.e. during the SW monsoon season. However, as the bay faces Northeast, better anchorages are available elsewhere during the NE monsoon, which runs from December to February. Tanjung Tebu is a short 10 minute ride from the town of Tarempa by moped or by sampan, so this anchorage is a great compromise between quiet and convenience. All of this, plus the fact that there's a jetty here and that Anambas Resort is a lovely little place to stay, makes this anchorage quite appealing. (Incidentally, moorings will be available here.)

5. Pulau Bawah

A great anchorage when sailing in from Singapore. For details, click here.

6. Kampong Air Asuk

Directly in front of the kampong itself, this anchorage is located at 03°14.68N 106°17.46E, in about 10 meters of water. The substrate below appears to be sandy and provides a decent anchor hold. It's quite a narrow channel, however, so the current can be pretty strong.