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Budget Travel

Anambas has been dubbed Poor Man's Maldives and this is actually quite accurate. The similarities the two regions, Anambas and Maldives, share are as uncanny as they are plentiful.

As a region, both Anambas and Maldives each cover quite a large area, but in both cases, most of this area covered consists of sea, given that both regions are archipelagos, comprising countless islands amongst an extensive sea. For obvious reasons, both areas are thinly populated.

Also, in the case of both Anambas and Maldives, the surrounding seas aren't only cobalt blue and crystal-clear, but both respective seas and islands are blessed with countless coral gardens of varying shapes, types, sizes and colors. In fact, it can be said that both regions are at least partly defined by their coral treasures.

But there are differences too. The main difference is their regions' distinct geographical locations of course. But Anambas and Maldives are worlds apart in another respect: travel budget. Whereas traveling to Maldives and staying in one of the Maldives island' resorts, typically, requires a princely sum of money, a holiday in Anambas can be had for a fraction of that. A holiday in Anambas is considered budget travel. The reason is twofold.

1. Anambas is quite a new addition in the international tourism scene, which means that rates charged by the region's hotels and resorts tend to be below the norm and below expectation.

2. The standard of living in Indonesia, given that it is an emerging market nation, is relatively low. In practice, this means that most commodities, including food and drinks, are cheap. But most services, including accommodation, are quite low-cost as well. For the moment, Anambas is ideal for budget travel.

This being said, prices in Anambas are sure to soar as its stunning islands gain popularity as a holiday destination of choice in the years to come. But for now, a holiday in Anambas is considered cheap budget travel, particularly, considering the beautiful exotic paradise island backdrop, which is at least on a par with Maldives.