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Anambas conservation fee

In order to ensure the continued survival of the unique flora and fauna in Anambas, visitors to the archipelago's natural are charged a one-time conservation fee of 50,000 Rupiah per person. The fee for children 10 years and under is half the adult fee, i.e. 25,000 Rupiah. No fee is charged for infants, i.e. less than 3 years old.

Charging conservation fee is a common practice in countries that are endowed with a uniquely beautiful natural environment, and enables local communities affected to reduce or reverse any harmful impact the presence of visitors may have on this environment. Incidentally, please note that you will be issued with a receipt upon payment of the conservation fee.

Essentially, the funds raised in Anambas are used to offset the cost of the protection and management of the various Anambas MPA's, the marine protected areas. Some of the funds are used to compensate Anambas villagers for tourists' use of their habitats, the habitats to which the villagers have traditional tenure rights. In addition, some of the funds are directed at specific conservation projects.

Ultimately, the main objective for the funds collected is to benefit Anambas.

The Anambas conservation fee applies to all travellers intending to visit Anambas, including any of the archipelago's forests, any of its inner or outer islands, its coral reefs, as well as all other habitats. In addition, the conservation fee applies when entering any of the Anambas local communities and when going for water sports, sight-seeing or fishing excursions.

Now, in spite of the conservation fee going some way to reduce the effects tourism has on Anambas and its habitats, we would still like to remind visitors to Anambas that we always aim to minimize the influence our presence may have on the environment. As such, please:

1. Take nothing but pictures.
2. Leave nothing but footprints.
3. Kill nothing but time.

Thank you.