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Forest City Iskandar

Forest City Iskandar is a Malaysia and China funded forward-thinking project of dizzying proportions. In fact, once completed, Forest City's four reclaimed islands in the Malaysia-Singapore straits will be home to about 700,000 people. The total area of the estate will be roughly the size of 4 New York Central Parks.

Forest City will comprise residential areas, business towers, hotels, shopping malls, as well as dedicated green zones and schools. In line of Forest City's name, most, if not all, buildings will be at least partially cloaked with strategically placed vegetation.

Apart from Forest City's numerous recreational facilities, residents won't have to go far for a dose of private paradise beach bliss. In fact, Forest City will be a mere 30 minute's plane hop away from the timeless holiday treasure that is Anambas. Here, on the countless tropical, beach-fringed islands, world-class hotels and resorts will await Forest City weekend revelers.

Want to snorkel at Asia's final frontier? Or scuba-dive in the world renowned Coral Triangle? Perhaps you're keen to breathe the fresh sea breezes that Anambas offers in spades. Or maybe you want to go exploring the Anambas archipelago' numerous as yet untouched islands, trek through its exotic and mysterious jungles. Want to learn how to kitesurf, windsurf or just paddle across the azure-blue sea on your SUP? Anambas offers all of this, and much much more.

Anambas is not just a holiday, Anambas is a dream come true.

If you've been thinking of being part of Forest City, then rest assured that you won't only be living in a home that has everything your heart desires, but that when it's time for some quality recreational time away, you'll have a wide range of holiday and adventure retreats, as well as idyllic beaches, about half an hour away in the breathtaking Anambas Islands.

Welcome to Forest City. Welcome to Anambas.