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Anambas Marine Park

As a result of the recognition that a number of areas within the Anambas Archipelago were in danger of losing their great faunal and floral diversity from external pressures on their ecosystems, a proposal was submitted jointly by the Mayor of the Anambas Regency and the Biosphere Foundation to confer a number of specific Anambas islands the status of Marine Park.

It was believed that the Hawksbill Turtle and Green Turtle, in particular, would benefit from the formulation of a 2 nautical mile “no-take fishing” zone around Pulau Durai and its neighboring island, Pulau Pahat.

As newly-laid eggs on Durai and Pahat were routinely harvested by the local population, a solution was needed to protect the turtles from wholesale collection especially.

Ongoing discussions ultimately culminated in the Marine Park proposal being adopted in July 2011. Both Pulau Durai and Pulau Pahat have since enjoyed full Marine Park status. The official term for this status is Marine Protected Area, or MPA.

Since then, thanks to the Marine Park protection afforded to these islands, both turtle species are once again thriving.

In fact, marine species in general, amongst which the many coral species in Anambas, started a recovery process that's continuing to this day.

This significant decision to protect these two islands with Marine Park status was made in concert with a collective declaration to establish Marine Park status for most of the Anambas Islands.

Once this blanket Marine Park protection has been fully implemented, it goes without saying that the Anambas wildlife as a whole will benefit the way that Pulau Durai and Pulau Pahat have benefitted.

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