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Anambas or Mauritius?

So it's time to book your holiday. If you haven't decided on your destination yet and but you've narrowed it down to either Mauritius or Anambas, then this section will give you the information you need to tip you either way.

Toss-up between Anambas and Mauritius

Anambas and Mauritius have quite a bit in common, so it's not easy to have to choose between the two. For starters, both Anambas and Mauritius offer stunning backdrops, both regions have beautiful natural landscapes and breathtaking seascapes.

Both locations have idyllic beaches and gin-clear sea water that practically beg to be reveled in. However, if it's coral gardens you enjoy, then the endless coral reefs of Anambas hands down beat Mauritius' sparser coral patches.

Both Anambas and Mauritius are geographically pretty isolated and in both cases, the journey from Europe takes 10 hours or more. If you're based in South-east Asia, then the journey time to Anambas can be about 5 hours or even less.

Weather-wise, both territories bask in the sun and both enjoy balmy temperatures pretty much year-round. Both areas have seasons, although Anambas' wet Northeast monsoon season, from December to February, is more distinct from the fair and sunny rest of the year than the so-called winter and summer seasons in Mauritius are, which only differ by about 5 degrees centigrade.

On the whole, whereas Anambas is mostly 25-30 degrees, Mauritius can at times be a pretty nippy 20 degrees or less, particularly near the coast.

Now, the main differences between Anambas and Mauritius can be boiled down to development. That is to say, whereas mauritius is a more established tourism destination, Anambas hasn't yet been discovered by international tourism. This means that in Mauritius you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation, food options, getting around, activities etc.

However, if it's untouched bounty beaches or unexplored paradise isles you're after, then Anambas should be your destination of choice. No crowds, no queues and no noisy KFC outlets here. Anambas is ideal for travelers who prefer to choose the road less travelled, who relish trailblazing as yet undiscovered treasure islands, exotic cuisine and fascinating cultures.

Anambas is also a lot cheaper across-the-board than Mauritius, which tends to mirror European price levels when it comes to hotel room rates, restaurants, transport etc. Better yet, since the Indonesian Rupiah is quite low, you'll be living like royalty in Anambas.

So there you have it, our Anambas/Mauritius compare/contrast. It may not be exhaustive, but you should now at least be able to make a definitive choice.

Selamat jalan. Or bon voyage.