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Anambas Retreat

Anambas offers not only a blissful setting that's conducive to finding that elusive inner Zen, but this still untouched retreat paradise is ideal for general rest and recreation too.

Experience the timeless beauty of this hidden slice of heaven on earth and rediscover your true self.

Are you into eco-activities? Go for an unforgettable jungle trek in one of Anamabas' primary tropical jungles. And bathe in one of Anambas' revitalizing natural showers, our must-see crystal-clear waterfalls.

Or, with a bit of luck, if your timing is right, come eye to petal with the largest flower in the world, Rafflesia, which can grow up to a meter across.

Or maybe you fancy hovering weightlessly over pristine coral reefs. If you like to snorkel, then it's good to know that Anambas offers snorkelling that's said to be at least on a par with Maldives. But don't take our word for it :)

Then again, perhaps the only reason you decided on Anambas is to simply unclutter your mind in a natural retreat, to spend your days lounging lazily on the beach? Well, if so, lounge away, because with dozens of secluded and exotic islands to choose from in Anambas, the beach is likely to be right on your very retreat doorstep.

Go ahead, immerse yourself in Anambas' tranquil panoramas, its one-of-a-kind mystique. Cuddle up in your comfy retreat hammock with that book you finally found time to read. Relish the sweet sounds of the turquoise sea lapping up against your private little beach. Savor the local cuisine, prepared with fragrant home-grown spices. And sample the local smorgasbord of delicious seafood.

In Anambas anything goes.

Whichever you prefer: exciting land or sea-based activities, or passing the time at your retreat in a perpetual state of Zen, Anambas' unique offerings and soul-reaffirming beauty, innocence and charm will have your batteries recharged before you can say "island oasis".

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