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Padang Malang Beach

Blessed with over seven kilometers of soft, fine-grained sand, Padang Malang Beach boasts the longest beach in the whole of Riau. This dazzling stretch of beach curves into a horseshoe shape and is decorated by, literally, thousands of coconut trees, as well as its fair share of pine trees and palm trees, all providing plenty of shade for Padang Malang's reveling visitors.

Incidentally visitors are also welcome to make use of the various gazebos that have been made available. These gazebos are a comfy little abode in which to rest, relax, as well as an ideal vantage point from which to relish the stunning sea vistas that lie just ahead.

The other great Padang Malang feature is that the beach slopes ever so gently into the sea. You can walk quite far into the water, because it deepens very gradually. This, along with its clear-as-gin sparkling-blue sea, makes Padang Malang excellent for recreational swimming, for kids and elderlies especially.

How do you get to Padang Malang Beach? Typically, beach-goers rent a moped, which will take about 30 minutes to reach Padang Malang, usually by way of Kuala Maras. However, if you prefer taking the sea-route, you can, because speedboats or pompongs are available for rent in Letung to take you to Padang Malang. That said, the boat trip will take a little longer that by moped, because it's quite a distance away. But whichever mode of transport you take:

Selamat datang ke Padang Malang :)

Pantai Padang Malang
Padang Malang Beach - a taste of paradise