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Waterfalls Anambas

Anambas has no fewer than three waterfalls on offer: Neraja, Air Bunyi and Temburun. The Bahasa term for waterfall is "Air Terjun", which means "plunging water". Air Terjun Neraja is located in mountains terrain, near Ulu Mares Village, in the Eastern District of Jemaja. The scenery here in lush and peaceful. In fact, once you're here, the sense of mystique of the place is almost palpable, very worthy of a visit.

Air Terjun Bunyi meanwhile, can be found near Air Bini Hulu Village, in the Siantan Southern District. This waterfall, in spite of its 8 meter high drop, is almost completely hidden from sight, sequestered as it is by dense jungle. The pond below, whilst clear as glass, is a delicate green color and almost irresistible as far as refreshing dips go.

Air Terjun Temburun is surely Anambas Archipelago's waterfall pièce de résistance. Standing a magnificent 250 meters high, Temburun's relentless flow cascades down a total of seven separate levels before tumbling directly into the swirling sea below - a spectacular sight!

NB. There is one more waterfall in Anambas. It's been dubbed the "hidden waterfall", because it's remote and inaccessible. As a result, very few get to see this waterfall. Think moped-ride, boat-trip, mangrove-hike, jungle-trek and even huge ancient boulders that need to be scaled before this hidden waterfall reveals itself. During this exciting excursion, you'll feel like you're in a Johnny Weismuller Tarzan movie. Best of all, once you've made it to the waterfall, you'll probably find it one of the most awe-inspiring locations in Anambas.

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