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Mersing Harbour Centre

With the recent official opening of Mersing Harbour Centre, in 2017, the formerly sleepy seaside town of Mersing took a quantum leap into the future.

In fact, not only have the hackneyed ferry ticket counters at the old riverbank made way for more contemporary points of presence, comprising all the bells and whistles of a modern ferry terminal, but the Mersing Harbour Centre designers and developers also ensured that Mersing's hinterland, just as popular amongst tourists as Tioman Island and its kin, are equally comprehensively catered to, in terms of provision of information and as a source of bookings.

Mersing Tourism Portal

In essence, whether you want to collect your ferry tickets or book your hotel, or even book an Endau Rompin National Park jungle excursion, PADI scubadiving course, or island-hopping trip, all of it can be done right at Mersing Harbour Centre.

But that's not all Mersing Harbour Centre offers; one of its sections is fully dedicated to a number of food and beverage stalls. These serve both Asian and Western meals, as well as snacks, along with hot and cold drinks. Better still, prices are fair and the offerings are delicious.

A jolly good time

If you find you have some time to kill before your ferry to Tioman departs, you can do some shopping, since Mersing Harbour Centre also features a decent number of retail outlets. Souvenirs, traditional Malay snacks, apparel, it's all available here.

But if you forgot to pack your mozzie spray, sun-block or some bottled water, these can also be found at the Mersing Harbour Centre shops.

The Mersing Harbour Centre complex also houses a well-appointed toilet/washroom area, including shower cubicles, just the ticket for after a long road trip or an early start to the day.

Fun for kids

Parents will be happy to learn that Mersing Harbour Centre also has a kiddie playground, which more likely than not will keep the little'uns occupied for some time whilst the family is awaiting their journey's next inbound or outbound leg.

Public transport to Mersing Harbour Centre

Getting to Mersing Harbour Centre can be done in one of two ways. You can go by coach/bus or by private vehicle. Since Mersing Harbour Centre is quite well known by active in the tourism industry , you'll find no trouble getting there. FYI, if you're traveling from Singapore, it's good to know that you won't need to exit your vehicle for passport control if the vehicle is a passenger car up to the size of an MPV. A great time saver.

Tips for the ferry to Tioman

Please also note that the Mersing River is rather shallow, which has its effect on ferry operations. To wit, the ferry can only depart during high water, which means the schedule, both for going to tioman and for returning to Mersing, is dynamic, i.e. is subject to the tides. Basically, the ferry time isn't fixed to the same time every day. Moreover, on some days, i.e. when the tide doesn't reach that high, the number of ferry crossings to Tioman is limited.

With this in mind, as well as Tioman's ever-increasing popularity, it makes sense to book your ferry tickets in advance, for example here, so as to make sure you don't arrive at Mersing Harbour Centre only to be told the ferry is fully booked.

Need to get in touch with Mersing Harbour Centre direct, just click here. The online Mersing Harbour Centre is a great source of tourism information.

Have an awesome holiday :)

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