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Pulau Boboh

Located a 1.5 hour boat ride away from Tarempa, off the main island of Siantan, Pulau Boboh and Pulau Akar are the perfect get-away islands for travelers after ultimate privacy.

Pulau Boboh and Pulau Akar absolutely guarantee a sense of blissful seclusion. Indeed, the islands are a dead ringer for some of the idyllic islands featured on the castaway show Survivor.

If you're keen to experience a private island feel that comes with a stunning luscious backdrop, then Pulau Boboh and Pulau Akar are the obvious choice.

Pulau Boboh and Pulau Akar are known as sister islands, because in actual fact, they're joined by a narrow sandy land bridge that's exposed during low tide. Strolling from one island to the other, with the crystal-clear water lapping at your feet, you'll be forgiven to think you've landed in absolute paradise.

Blessed with healthy coral gardens, Pulau Boboh and Pulau Akar are ideal for snorkeling and even scuba-diving. Meanwhile, families with kids can rest assured, because the sparkling turquoise semi-lagoon offers plenty of calm shallow water for the kids to safely frolic in.

The best part of Pulau Boboh especially is the fortuitous location of its main bay. The beach within this bay faces northwest and is sheltered from both the southwesterlies and northeasterlies that alternate in the Anambas.

But the lush tropical vegetation that covers Boboh and Akar are a blessing too. Why? Because not only are they as good as untouched and great for an exciting jungle-trek, but they're also the islands' natural air-conditioning, because the lush trees and dense brush keep the surrounding area in a temperatuire range that's comfy and pleasant.

Want to be marooned on a delightful treasure island resort, head for Pulau Boboh and Pulau Akar.

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Reserve seu quarto agora e economize até 75%!