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Amazing Anambas
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Endowed with countless tropical islands, most of which blessed with picture-perfect beaches, The Anambas are an ideal SUP playground. The archipelago also provides its islands with plenty of shelter from ocean winds and swell, typically leaving the crystal-clear glass-like sea calm.

Once you've reached Letung in Jemaja or Tarempa in Siantan, you'll be able to launch from pretty much anywhere, because both islands have plenty of access to the sea, either from their beaches (Tip: Padang Malang) or from various jetties offered.

If your time on Anambas is limited, then you can of course motor out to the more remote quadrants by taking a pongpong or a speedboat. This will enable you to be in the thick of things right from the get-go.

Recommended spots superb for exploring by SUP are Pulau Penjalin, Pulau Pasu, Pulau Genting and Pulau Renggek.

Then again, there are over 200 islands in Anambas. Many of them known for their rugged natural beauty and exotic mystique. It's an SUP dream come true.

As a matter of fact, it's safe to say that Anambas will have you in awe of its stunning vistas, its breathtaking environment, both above and below the waterline. You'll be doing endless double-takes during your cruises along the islands' countless coves, bays and rock formations.

Not to mention the white powdery beaches, peppered with coconut trees. Scenes right out of a glossy travel brochure. Selfie anyone? In fact, there may be a surprise or two; after all, dolphins, turtles, manta rays, whale sharks - they're all spotted here.

Now, The Anambas isn't known as Asia last fontier territory for nothing; it's spectacular, it's unlike any other holiday destination you've ever been, it's like stepping back into time. But... it's also not the easiest place to get to.

Then again, that's probably the very reason the archipelago is all of the above in the first place.

Still, if you want to SUP in Anambas, you do need to get here first. FYI, not surprisingly, if you have an inflatable SUP, it'll definitely make for a smoother journey. If you don't have an inflatable, whilst not entirely infeasible - unless your board is either the durable kind or completely enveloped with protective wrapping - it's probably not advisable to take it to Anambas. An exception would be if you're taking your board on a private yacht of course.

That being said, on the bright side: if you'd rather not take any chances with your own board and you don't own an inflatable, then it's good to know that SUP boards are available for rent on the islands. Click here for more details. Or click here if you want to bring your own SUP.

One thing is for sure however, paddle-boarders with a good dose of curiosity and some good old-fashioned determination will be rewarded with the SUP trip of a life-time.

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SUP cruising around Amazing Anambas
SUP cruising around Amazing Anambas

Anambas: The ultimate SUP playground
Anambas: The ultimate SUP playground

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