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Post-Corona & Safecation

Post-Corona & Safecation

Post-Corona & Safecation

Safecation: A vacation away from crowded places, usually to a sunny tropical island destination, where everyone, i.e. all personnel and all other guests, have been fully vaccinated.

Covid-19 too will pass

The Corona pandemic has had an immense impact on the world. Apart from the health consequences, the outbreak has dented business and trade, as well as tourism. Global confidence has taken quite a hit, along with budgets allocated for travel and holidays. Travel plans have been shelved.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. People, being the resilient and resourceful creatures that they are, have already found ways to cope with this challenge. Not only are a number of effective Corona vaccines being implemented globally as we speak, but additionally countless people have already built immunity to the virus the natural way.

That being said, it would be prudent to pause holiday plans a little while longer, at least until things have cleared up to a considerable extent. Waiting until the all-clear has been given by the respective government and airlines have resumed operations is advisable.

It probably also makes sense to avoid countries and regions that are having a harder time to get the vaccines to the population at large.

Will going on a holiday be as enjoyable and care-free as before when we have to don protective masks and be constantly on alert of keeping our distance to others? Well, perhaps we have to wait until Covid is no longer a threat at all before things go back to normal fully. But until then, vigilance is recommended.

Covid-free = Safecation

There is, however, another way. Whilst perhaps not accessible to everyone, there are far-flung holiday hideaways that by their very remoteness tend to - once vaccinated - remain free of Corona. Examples include some Maldivian atolls and the Polynesian islands in the Pacific.

Anambas too, is one such blessed hideaway. Though perhaps not quite as far-flung as Maldives or Fiji, this lovely Southeast Asian tropical sanctuary is nevertheless idyllically secluded. As well as affordable.

Better yet, it so happens that Anambas has remained under mass tourism's radar until today, not just globally but regionally too. One of the results of this is the breathtaking island chain's remarkably low exchange of visitors from outside the territory. And it is this that, in times of Corona, can be considered rather serendipitous, especially in view of the complete roll-out of its vaccination program and of course HygienePass.

So, if the long lockdown has stirred the need in you for a well-deserved Bounty island holiday, but you also feel the necessity of being responsible, keep in mind the Anambas archipelago.

Corona-free. Mask-free. Care-free.

In fact, for 100% peace of mind, Anambas offers the care-free option to book your very own private island resort. That way, you'll never run into anyone else whilst on your castaway holiday, apart of course from resort staff and other members of your travel party.

Any further questions about Covid-19? Just let me know by email below. I'll get back to you with the details.

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