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Enchanted Island

Enchanted Island

Enchanted Island

One of the more amazing islands that I recommend you visit is Pulau Renggek, a.k.a. the Enchanted Island. Not only is it really versatile when it comes to fun activities to do, but it also holds a few cool surprises in store.

Renggek, courtesy of its shape, is blessed with a near-lagoon body of gin-clear shallow water that is great for swimming, because it's mostly sheltered from waves, current and wind.

For stronger swimmers, the sea-facing eastern periphery of Renggek's semi-lagoon drops off to deeper water. As the natural flow of water during tidal changes is to push up against Renggek's edge, it tends to bring in quite a diversity of marine life, including fish of various shapes and sizes. By the way, snorkeling and light fishing here is good fun too. Beach BBQ anyone?

For the day-trippers amongst us, Renggek offers a lovely little castaway beach, replete with the obligatory coconut trees. Robinson Crusoe would be proud. And because it can get pretty breezy here, the island is also superb for a day of windsurfing, kiting and foiling.

Incidentally, the western-facing side of the island has a few excellent rocky sections for those interested in rock hiking. Tip: finish your hike around sunset, because the views from the island's high point, especially around sundown, are nothing short of spectacular.

Enchanted Island

The island received its nickname because of a patch of Enchanted Forest on the island's south end with trees unlike any you've seen. For one thing, the root system of these tall gnarly Ent-like trees isn't so much underground like most trees.

Instead, the roots of these weird-looking trees somehow cling on to the rocky substrate they're growing on. As you stand there, taking in the scene, you can't help but half-expect these trees to start walking and talking.

The real kicker is this one particular tree that for some reason is endowed with a completely hollow base big enough to fit a number of people. In fact, once you're inside, you'd think you're inside a cave, stalactites and stalagmites included.

Enchanted Island indeed.


Lastly, as if to endorse Renggek's mythical theme, the island also is home to a resident dragon. In actual fact it's not a dragon of course but a good-sized monitor lizard. Harry, as he's called, is quite shy, so no worries there, albeit it that he's quite crafty too and won't think twice about raiding your picnic basket once it's left unattended.


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