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Anambas Dolphin-Spotting

Anambas Dolphin-watching

Anambas Dolphin-Spotting

Dolphins and man seem to have a special kind of bond. We always feel a sense of elation when we see dolphins, a smile ever-present on their faces. And it appears dolphins like our presence too.

The Anambas islands are home to a number of dolphin pods. Some of these resident dolphin pods are relatively modest in size, but other pods count up to 30 individual dolphins. One particular pod in the Tarempa area comprises more than 50 dolphins. This pod is regularly spotted.

In fact, whilst none of the dolphins in the Anambas area seem to have be particularly concerned about the proximity of boats, such as those belonging to the local fishermen, this Tarempa pod appears to be exhibit a certain curiosity towards small vessels in the vicinity.

Have you always wanted to see dolphins up close? Do you enjoy seeing dolphins porpoise right alongside your boat, playfully darting in and out of view and seemingly having a fun time? Then go for a dolphin-watching trip.

I can't guarantee the dolphins will always be there of course and a bit of patience may be required. But most of the times they make their appearance. You can even try to get into the water with them. A great day for us. And a great day for the dolphins.

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