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Spa e Benessere Beati ad Anambas

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Spa e Benessere Beati ad Anambas

If you want to visit secluded tropical islands that are practically still undiscovered, let alone unexplored, but you also feel like pampering body, mind and soul at a breathtaking spa and wellness retreat, then think Anambas, think Pulau Bawah.

Anambas is the idyllic equatorial paradise that nobody's heard about. The reason this as yet untouched island chain has managed to stay below the radar to the rest of the world is because the breathtaking islands are located in a kind of paradoxic no man's land.

Isola Bawah

Isola Bawah

Situated offshore in between West Malaysia and East Malaysia, yet belonging to Indonesia, Anambas gets nary a mention on maps. In fact, even the King of Maps, Google Maps itself, has yet to take notice of our little slice of paradise; many of the 200-odd sun-kissed Anambas atolls remain unnamed, or even uncharted altogether.

Yet, at the same time, this ethereal domain is where you'll find Pulau BawahAmazing Anambas Spacer, a beyond-exclusive eco-retreat so delightfully enchanting, so profoundly luxurious, you won't ever want to leave. Pulau Bawah's superbly appointed spa hub alone is nothing short of exquisite. Suffice to say that you'll come away thoroughly rejuvenated and deliciously nimble.

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