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Lingai Resort

Lingai Resort

Lingai Resort

Known for its unrivaled remoteness and exotic backdrop, Lingai Resort oozes with a palpable sense of paradise from the moment you step foot onto the resort's pristine white sandy beach.

This is as far away from the hustle and bustle of city life as you can be, surrounded by a 360 panorama of idyllic tropical island perfection in the style of Robinson Crusoe. Lingai Resort is a unique castaway experience, but with a decent dose of creature comforts thrown in, for that ultimate get-away holiday.

Lingai Resort is ensconced by a verdant and veritably vibrant jungle to its rear and countless coral gardens in a sea just opposite the resort. The sea at Lingai isn't only crystal-clear and an eye-pleasing turquoise hue, but it's also sheltered from the elements by Lingai's fortuitous location.

Lingai Resort, your private little paradise.

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