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Hartanah Anambas untuk dijual

Seeing as the Anambas Archipelago consists over 250 separate islands, it will come as no surprise to learn that some of these islands are not only privately-owned by Anambas residents outright, but are offered for sale by these residents.

If you're looking for prime real estate at attractive price points, with great potential in the coming years, then Anambas real estate provides an opportunity worthy of further exploration.

The real estate available for purchase in Anambas is of a sought-after tropical nature, is affordable yet ideal for high-end resort development. In addition, most objects comprise elevated forested areas, fringed either by immaculate beaches or spectacular rocky vistas, or both. It goes without saying that all Anambas real estate for sale is surrounded by a crystal-clear sea, invariably swathed by thriving coral gardens. In some cases, deep-water access is available also.

Best of all, situated in the South China Sea, Anambas enjoys blissful geographical remoteness. But at a mere 150 miles from Singapore and projects such as Forest City, the islands are quite accessible as well, both by aerial and surface means. Poised for success!

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Hartanah Anambas untuk dijual
Hartanah Anambas untuk dijual