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Pulau Lima

Pulau Lima

Pulau Lima

Whether your departure is from Siantan or Jemaja, the journey to the Pulau Lima/Pulau Pasu island cluster will take about an hour and a half in either case. That is, if you take a speedy water taxi. By pompong it can take double that.

Mind you, the trip there is amazing, endless cobalt blue water, gin-clear and marbling to turquoise whenever you pass an island. It never tires, seeing that vibrant rainbow of colors from shallow water to deep.

Lima and Pasu lie within the Telaga islands area, so you've always got your destination in sight, given Telaga's pretty serious silhouette jutting out from the sea.

Keep in mind however, that during the southwest season, April to September, the sea can be on the choppy side as you near the islands, because of the SW-driven swell bouncing back from Telaga. The reverse applies when you come in from Siantan during the northeast season, January/February.

Confused water tends to be the result in both seasons. In other words, it'll be a bit bouncy when traveling at speed. Conversely, expect a nasty swaying motion when going by pompong.

Fortunately, it's not always windy in this neck of the woods, particularly during the calmer intermonsoon months, i.e. March/May and October/December, so your trip could well be smooth sailing all the way. Either way, Lima and Pasu are ever so stunning, worth the trip, regardless of conditions.

Both Lima and Pasu are characteristically Anambas-esque: blessed with stunning castaway beaches, lush jungle and a crystal-clear sea all around. The island sections facing inwards are especially ideal for recreational activities, as the water surface is calm (read: flat) pretty much rear-round. Ideal for snorkeling and exploring the islands by kayak, canoe or SUP.

Incidentally, if you're a scubadiver, it's interesting to note that the rocky outcroppings nearby Pasu and Lima plunge quite steeply into pretty deep water. The diving here is superb.

Lastly, there's a jetty off Lima and a few modest kampongs on Telega Besar, if you're looking for a sheltered place for your vessel and a provisions shop, respectively.


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