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Amazing Anambas

Anambas Family Holiday

Anambas Family Holiday

Anambas Family Holiday

So you've been thinking about taking your family on a holiday, but you'd like your kids to come away with more than just a tan and a few souvenirs for your friends back home. Well, in a word: Anambas. Anambas is as versatile a family holiday destination as they come.

Anambas is an Indonesian archipelago that sits offshore, east of Peninsular Malaysia. It has tropical weather, countless idyllic islands and, best of all, it's as good as undiscovered. There's no KFC, no McDonald's and no Starbucks. Anambas is nothing short of paradise.

Now, chances are you haven't heard of Anambas before. But it's safe to say that Anambas offers just about everything a family holiday should be all about, particularly if your kids are 5-6 years old and upwards.

Ultimate Family City Break

As Anambas is situated a mere 200 miles from Singapore, you can get there without needing to travel very long at all. Just get on the ferry and then hop on the plane. You'll be lounging in your hammock and sipping a cold drink that same afternoon.

Anambas, Cultural Odyssey

Anambas has a particularly rich history and is renown for being a veritable crucible of cultures. Malay, Chinese, Eurasian, as well as western influences are everywhere. Mixed in with the Anambas Archipelago's original inhabitants, the Orang Laut, it makes for a unique melting pot of language, traditions, cuisine and religions. You'll even find remnants of the Dutch, the British and the Portuguese here and there, because these, too, had their day in the sun in the Anambas Islands.


If one of the objectives of your family holiday is to instill into your kids a sense of awareness of the world we live in and the need for striking a balance between man and nature, then pay a visit to Pulau Durai. Durai is also known as Turtle Island in these parts, because it's the focal point of Anambas' turtle conservation efforts. Incidentally, as you will see, other elements of conservation will quickly become apparent whilst in Anambas.

Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun

Wild East Adventure

Do your kids enjoy being out and about? Then they'll positively have a blast in Anambas. Snorkeling, hill-hiking, beach-fun, jungle-trekking, there's no end to the ways Anambas can be explored. And the best part is that most of the 200+ breathtaking islands that Anambas comprises are still uninhabited. Hours of unique outdoorsy fun guaranteed.

All in all, clearly, this family holiday will be one to remember.


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