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Amazing Anambas

Tropical Island Bliss

Tropical Island Bliss

Tropical Island Bliss

Still largely uncharted, the Indonesian-owned Anambas Islands, like some sort of adventure book mystery land, have remained below the world's radar until this day. Even Google Maps is coming up blank for some of the islands in this timeless territory.

Yet, for all its seclusion, the archipelago's more than 200 treasure islands, most of which uninhabited, bask in the South China Sea, at a mere 200 miles off Singapore. Mystery land indeed.

Here are 5 reasons why Anambas is heaven on earth.

1. Private bliss

1. Ask 10 random people, be they friends, relatives, colleagues, or classmates, where they think Anambas is and you'll likely to get 10 very puzzled faces. Most people in Singapore have never even heard of Anambas, let alone know where the Anambas Islands are located.

It's the paradoxical combination of isolation and relative accessibility that makes Anambas a unique little slice of private bliss. Imagine having a little Bounty island all to yourself. In fact, you're unlikely to bump into any tourists during your entire stay in Anambas.

There aren't many places left in the world that can still claim this distinction. It so happens that private bliss is Anambas' hallmark. Anambas is arguably the world's last hidden paradise.

2. World class coral gardens

Biological surveys carried out on the coral gardens that abound in Anambas have shown that the diversity of coral species, the number of different species of coral per square unit surface area, is higher than even that of Great Barrier Reef.

Now, Great Barrier Reef might have Anambas pipped on total coral surface area, but in terms of sheer species diversity, Anambas is second only to the Coral Triangle, on whose very periphery Anambas is located by the way.

This thriving life below the water bespeaks the archipelago's thriving flora and fauna above the water surface too. Anambas is a veritable Eden.

3. Unparalleled sea water clarity

One of the reasons the Anambas coral communities are doing so well is the extreme clarity of the sea water in these parts. Typically, visibility is about 30 meters, but during the calmer seasons in particular, visibility quite routinely reaches in excess of 40 meters.

The sea around the Anambas islands has been described as liquid glass, it's that strikingly clear. Add to that the tropical temperature of the seawater and it easy to see why Anambas offers some of the best snorkeling and scubadiving in the world.

4. Sandy feet and exotic vistas

To complete the picture of perfection, Anambas is blessed with beaches that are of nosebleed calibre. Fine strips of white sand, lined with waving coconut trees on the one side and on the other side a gently a clear aquamarine sea that gradually deepens to a more azure hue.

Anambas beaches are the stuff that dreams are made of. It's not for nothing that Anambas has been dubbed the Asian Maldives.

5. Natural tranquillity and ultimate adventure

Want to scubadive where no man or woman has scubadived before? Perhaps your lifelong dream is to trek through untouched jungle, experience hidden waterfalls, catch Rafflesia in all of its magnificent glory? Or maybe you've always wanted to spend a night on a Bounty island right out of a glossy travel brochure.

As the Anambas islands have defied wholesale discovery until today, each of these one-of-a-kind adventures can be had on or around your Anambas island of choice. A match made in heaven.

So there you have it, 5 reasons why Anambas is sheer heaven on earth. But this status quo won't last for ever of course. So come and get a little taste of sun-kissed paradise whilst you still can.


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