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Amazing Anambas

Anambas Sail Cruise

Anambas Sail Cruise

Anambas Sail Cruise

What better way to discover and explore a timeless tropical archipelago than by sea? If you're planning your holiday for the coming summer and you're looking for something memorable, something with a unique unforgettable twist, then charter your own private yacht and sail around the Amazing Anambas, Asia's last hidden paradise.

The Anambas Islands have, to this day, managed to stay under tourism's radar and as a result have retained their one-of-a-kind exotic mystique. Not only are these breathtaking atolls on a par with Maldives in terms of their natural beauty, their gin-clear azure-coloured sea and their ubiquitous multi-hued coral gardens, but Anambas is still so secluded, sailing here is like Paradise Found.

A fantastic week of sailing, diving and dining the Indonesian Anambas islands: great diving in beautiful corals (world top class i would say) and an expertise insight into great (secret) diving spots (NO other divers anywhere to be seen during the entire trip), the boat had all the comforts one could wish for with excellent accommodation.

Your sailing vessel of choice offers a charter-friendly layout and includes 4 double cabins, each with its own ensuite bathroom. The catamaran set-up is ideal for 8 guests and its inherent spaciousness and stability guarantees plenty of comfort and plenty of convenience.

Your Anambas expedition will kick off from Singapore and includes a quick hop to Pulau Bintan, Indonesia, the springboard to Anambas.

First stop in the Anambas Archipelago proper could well include Pulau Bawah, a veritable island oasis if ever there was one. From Pulau Bawah, you'll island-hop along a necklace of Bounty islands, swinging by Tarempa, the territory's main village and ultimately arriving at Pulau Jemaja, marking Anambas' western-most sector.

The food was sooooo good!!, option to participate in the sailing for those who wish to with knowledgeable skipper, excellent diving equipment for rent and final but not least, a superb crew of motivated, skilled, professional and very friendly people.

During this passage of bliss, there will be plenty of opportunity for water sports, including paddle-boarding, snorkeling, angling, etc. Naturally you're welcome to venture out onto the various treasure island stop-overs as well for some quality time on your private castaway sanctuary.


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