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Amazing Anambas

"It's not just a holiday,it's pure shiokness..."

It's not just a holiday, it's a sanctuary

It's not just a holiday, it's pure shiokness!

Anambas is a secluded chain of gorgeous atolls located between Peninsular Malaysia to its west and Sarawak to its east. It sounds like it might be a long way away from Singapore, but as unlikely as it sounds, given the pristine beaches and crystal-clear sea of Anambas, it would be a mere one hour flight from Changi Airport.

The Anambas territory comprises more than 250 islands of varying sizes, many of which to this day remaining unnamed and even uncharted by Google Maps. In other words, an ideal little oasis of peace and quiet to get away from it all for a little while.

Asia's Maldives

Remote and blessed with stunning landscapes and seascapes, Anambas has been ranked a topAmazing Anambas Spacer tropical island sanctuary in Asia by CNN. Yet, even though we're practically neighbours, most of us in Singapore have never heard of it.

That said, if ever there was a time to make your acquaintance with Anambas, to experience this somewhat mystical sun-kissed island chain that some have called Asia's Maldives, now is it.

My name is Bryan. I stumbled upon Anambas several years ago. My extensive travels notwithstanding, I was completely bowled over by this dreamy archipelago; not only its breathtaking beauty, but also by the inexplicable way it has somehow managed to stay invisible to the outside world all this time, including, apparently, to its neighbouring countries :)

Anambas is quite possibly the last untouched tropical paradise left to be discovered.

Anambas Guidebook

If the long Corona Pandemic has culminated in a profound yearning for idyllic open spaces, the need for gorgeous sunsets, magnificent vistas, castaway Bounty islands and blissful isolation, perhaps my impressions of Anambas in this blog will inspire you.

Want to get to know Anambas a little better, then have a quick read of this Anambas field guide for Anambas beginners. It's got everything you need to know if you're thinking of going there.

Let me know in the form below if you have any questions, inquiries or feedback. I'll get back to you before you can say Amazing Anambas :)

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