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Amazing Anambas

LOB scubadiving in Amazing Anambas

LOB in Amazing Anambas

LOB in Amazing Anambas

If you're a scubadiver and you're keen to explore the Anambas dive scene, then you should know there are two ways to go about this: the easy way, i.e. by LOB, and the proper way, i.e. to dive throughout the Anambas archipelago.

My statement above is only slightly tongue-in-cheek, because there is some truth to it. I mean, granted, nothing beats the comfort and convenience of diving from a platform that isn't only your means of transport, but your living quarters, your restaurant and your dive cocoon, all in one.

However, the flip side of not being based in Anambas at the start of your scuba trip is that you do spend quite some time traveling, be it from Singapore, Malaysia or Thailand, and don't really get to dive the best Anambas sites.

The diving was great. All in all, a really enjoyable weekend. Thanks!
-- Henk, Holland --

Typically, LOB destinations tend to be the ones that flank the Anambas territory. The LOB outfits in Singapore for instance, usually include Igara Wreck and Malang Biru. Now, these are decent sites, but they're barely Anambas, given that they're located at the edges of the territory.

Still, sheer scuba-wise, they're good enough and, well, bottom line, the advantages of opting for an LOB are pretty compelling.

In conclusion then, LOB diving serves its purpose; you get in some solid dives in a relatively short period of time and logistically it involves less hassle. After all, your whole itinerary, somewhat rigid though it may be, has been pre-set for you, so ou don't have to do this. Instead, you can focus on enjoying your trip, above and below the water.

With that being said, if you're not really the type to follow a fixed itinerary and if you prefer diving still pristine sites that have remained mostly under the dive community's radar, or remain completely undived altogether, then doing a full-on personalized Anambas dive safari is probably more the kind of diving you'd go for.

At the end of the day, I guess it boils down to apples and oranges, pros and cons. Both types of diving have their place. If you prefer the free and easy kind of diving, you can get more details from this local outfit. Is LOB diving more your cup of tea, then just use the form below to get more details on how you can go about this. Either way, I'm sure the dives will be awesome.

Happy diving!

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