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Pulau Busung

Pulau Busung

Pulau Busung

Pulau Busung is sometimes called the "hide and seek" island and the reason for this is that Busung is only an island at low tide. In other words, when the tide is high, Busung actually disappears under the waves and is no longer discernible from the sea.

Strictly speaking then, whilst this is rather a unique quality of Busung, Busung Island is in actual fact not a true island, or even an islet. After all, in order to qualify as an island, at least part of the island's mass has to remain unsubmerged during a full tidal cycle, including high tide, including even spring tide.

Pulau Busing comprises mostly sand. In fact, the island is a gradually sloping mount of sand that sits atop a coral patch. In effect, whilst most islands are fringed by a ribbon of beach, Pulau Busung is all beach, a spherical beach.

The fact that nobody knows how Busung came about only adds to its appeal. Indeed, until today, its a bit of a mystery, both to locals and overseas Anambas visitors, where the mound of sand has come from.

Now, this sand defines Busung. In fact, Busing means sandbank in Bahasa. Without its sand, Busing would slip below the surface of the water for good. Hence the question, where did the sand originate? Perhaps stranger still, how come the sand isn't dispersed by the sea's waves and currents during each tide cycle high tide? A veritable mystery.

This alone makes Pulau Busung way too unique to not include on the list of islands to visit whilst in Anambas. In fact, as a result of Busung's uniqueness, as well as its large beautiful coral base, the island has attained a fair amount of fame in the Anambas Archipelago, to the point that Busung is considered a must-see when visiting Anambas.

If you're keen to experience this enigmatic little hide and seek island in person, then it's advisable to go on an island-hopping tour. That way, you can include a number of other interesting and stunning islands on your route.

Just make sure you don't go at high tide :)


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