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Pulau Renggek

Pulau Renggek

Pulau Renggek

Pulau Renggek is the island of choice for travelers with an adventurous slant and looking for a couple of days of fun in the sun. Pretty much anything goes in Renggek Island; its stunning features are the perfect setting for those keen to revel in the bliss of a timeless tropical paradise.

Pulau Renggek's main beach slopes ever so gradually into a gin-clear azure-colored bay, and the water is quite calm, courtesy of the Renggek's wind shadow and the shelter provided by Renggek's big brother island, Mubur. But whilst Pulau Renggek's calm water offers excellent snorkeling in the island's bay, the channel between Renggek and Mubur provides deeper water that happens to be awesome for scuba-diving too.

Incidentally, this same channel is also quite a productive fishing spot, because ever-ravenous predator fish lurk in these deeper sections, ready to pounce on smaller bait fish that invariably get swept out of the shallow's safety by the channel current whilst chasing fry. Both lure-casting and bait-fishing are quite effective at Renggek, particularly during spring tides.

If you're into hiking and/or trekking, then Renggek Island's hilly jungle-covered interior and rugged west-facing quarter are ideal for a few hours of challenging fun. The rocky section that runs from west to north, in particular, are entertaining, not only for the physical exercise but for the breathtaking surroundings they provide as well. Not to mention the Ents :)

Windsurfers and kiters can have a blast around Renggek. Literally in fact, because every year, the southwest monsoon serves up quite a few week-long or so spells of steady 15-20 knots winds. Best of all, since this season's winds tend to blow side-shore onto Renggek's southeast beach, this sandy section forms an ideal launching platform. Kiters especially will be pleased to hear of the absence of trees downwind from this beach.

But for the record, be prepared for pretty gnarly conditions once you're out, because the fetch in this neck of the woods is considerable. That said, even if your gear fails, you should be safe, given that both wind and waves will push you onto Mubur within minutes. Although your boatman will have collected you before that of course.

Speaking of boats, a speedboat will make short thrift of the mere 10 kilometers that separates Renggek from Tarempa on Siantan. You should reach your fun island within 20 minutes. Another reason why Renggek is such a recreational favorite.

By the way, thanks to the presence of a convenient open-concept wooden cottage on Renggek, BBQ-ing is possible too here. In fact, it's highly recommended. What better way to spend an evening, creating awesome holiday memories on a picture-perfect Robinson Crusoe island.

Pulau Renggek: Beautiful. Bountiful. And a boat load of fun.


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