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Flight to Anambas

Flight to Anambas

Flight to Anambas

If you want to get to Anambas in the shortest time possible, then you'll need to take the flight. The Anambas-bound flight departs from Bintan every Monday and Saturday and returns to Bintan the same day.

Flight time to Anambas is about 55 minutes, subject to weather and any airport delays of course.

Departure time from Bintan is 13.30 and arrival time in Matak Airport, Anambas, is 14.15. Meanwhile, departure time from Matak is 14.40 and arrival time at Bintan is 15.45.

Ticket price for the flight is US$ 110 for a one-way ticket. Luggage allowance is 10kg.

Bryan, I can't thank you enough, the tickets were here waiting for us and so all of the team have smiles from ear to ear! Every time I have asked for help you have provided and have been an excellent ambassador. Well done!!!
-- Grant, UK --

Please note that check-in takes place one hour before departure and an early arrival at the airplane gate is highly recommended. Also, once you've arrived at Matak, you'll need to take a water taxi to Tarempa, about a 20 minute boat ride.

If you prefer to take the flight to Anambas, then just fill out the form below to book your seats. You can also send the form if you want to request for additional details about the flight to Anambas.

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Note: In view of Covid-19, please keep in mind that travel schedules can be irregular.

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