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Ferry to Anambas

Ferry to Anambas

Ferry to Anambas

If you prefer taking a ferry to Anambas, as opposed to taking a flight, then make your way to Bintan, south of Singapore. From the ferry terminal in Singapore, you can take a ferry to Bintan - it's about a 2 hour sail.

From Bintan, you can take the Bintan ferryAmazing Anambas Spacer to Anambas.

Once you've arrived in Bintan, head for the ferry terminal there. In all likelihood, you'll need to arrive the day before the ferry departs, as the Bintan ferry to Anambas departs quite early, given that it takes about 10 hours or more to reach Anambas.

By the way, the ferry to Anambas stops at Letung first, which is in Jemaja, before making its final hop to Tarempa, on Siantan Island.

For more information on the ferry to Anambas, click hereAmazing Anambas Spacer.

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In addition to the Bintan ferry to Anambas, there's the Bukit Raya, a passenger cruise ship, capable of carrying close to 1000 passengers.

That being said, keep in mind that the Bukit Raya only services this route about twice a month. Also, the Bukit Raya isn't nearly as fast as the ferry. I.e. it can take up to 20 hours to reach its destination, Anambas. Lastly, this passenger ship doesn't really have a schedule as such, so it's a lot harder to book in advance.

Lastly, keep in mind that the ferry doesn't offer food or drinks, so it's a good idea to bring a bottle of water and some snacks with you to keep you going until arrival. If you're looking for truly delicious popcorn that's made with natural ingredients and doesn't contain any preservatives or transfats, try Eureka Snacks. Eureka Snacks are a so-called gourmet popcorn and are made from premium non-GMO kernels. But mostly, they're super-tasty. In fact, they're my favorite popcorn :)

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Note: Travel schedules can be irregular.

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