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Comfortable Castaway

Comfortable Castaway

Comfortable Castaway

As the world gradually shakes off the Covid-induced quarantine blues, we're all longing to return to our normal lives. We all want to go back to normalcy.

In fact, after months of lockdown, many of us can't wait to go on a well-earned holiday and wrap ourselves in delicious Bounty island bliss. At this point, who wouldn't want to breathe in gloriously endless fresh air? Who wouldn't want to swim, snorkel, kayak or stand up paddle around some far-away sun-kissed atoll?

But I'm sure that on top of everyone's wish list would be just to be able to go about our sunny vacation without a worry in the world, especially without the worry of contracting Corona from someone we may encounter.

After all, whenever we venture outside, we invariably run into other people. Is it even possible, if only for a blissful holiday, to spend whole days outside with just our spouse, our immediate family, or our own group?

What would really be perfect would be staying on a private castaway island. A fully private island resort, booked for only you and those in your travel party.

A fully private setting, exclusively booked for you and yours, will enable you to cast off that infernal face mask for days on end. You'll be able to while away truly worry-free time together in pristine tropical idyll. A Robinson Crusoe-type retreat, basic, yet endowed with just the right resort trappings and creature comforts.

Cue Comfortable Castaway.


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