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Your Very Own Home in Sunny Paradise

Your Very Own Home in Sunny Paradise

Your Very Own Home in Sunny Paradise

Travelers that prefer to be completely independent and fully self-reliant, rather than eating all three meals in a hotel restaurant and sleep in a hotel bed, should know that Anambas offers a couple of self-reliant home options on both Pulau Siantan and Pulau Jemaja.

In these homes, you're not only truly amongst the locals, you'll also live like the locals, including the way you do your errands, the way you prepare your meals, the way you eat, relax, sleep etc. Ideal for really discovering Anambas.

So these unique homes cater specifically to travelers that want access to a an entire house, including lounge, bedrooms, kitchen and typical home facilities, such as appliances, linen, Wi-Fi etc.

Incidentally, please note that these homes are not in any way affiliated with Airbnb or other booking aggregator. In other words, these homes are just as independent as the travelers that stay in them.

Keep in mind also that the independent status of these homes may make it a little more challenging to find them online. However, one of the main benefits of their independence is that none of the rental fee goes to some overseas corporation.

Instead, as good as the entire rental fee goes to the owner of the home. A great way to support the local population, whilst you use your home as a base from which to plan your explorations, island-hopping trips, jungle treks, snorkeling excursions etc.

If you're interested in getting more information about the self-reliant homes available in Anambas, use the form below.


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