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Amazing Anambas

Scubadiving Safari

Scubadiving Anambas

Scubadiving Safari

Given the remoteness and low population density of the Anambas Archipelago, the aquatic environment here is virtually pristine, with extensive fields of thriving coral gardens, complete with abundant flora and fauna.

Throw in some of the clearest water you'll encounter anywhere and it's clear that Anambas is nothing short of a scubadiving paradise.

Best of all, the area is quite sheltered from the N.E. monsoon, allowing pretty much year-round scubadiving. In fact, diving in Anambas will almost guarantee you see all kinds of amazing sea life, including superb macro, as well as rays, barracudas, moray eels, sharks and turtles.

And whilst not a regular sight per se, don't be surprised if you come across a whale shark, because they've been known to use these waters for their migrations.

Everything went fine and we are now certified PADI divers. All the guys at the diving centre were really cool and helped us with our questions.
-- Benjamin, Sweden --

Some other go-to locations of choice are Igara Wreck, Seven Skies, Pulau Damar, Pulau Tokong Malang Biru, Pulau Repong and Batu Kataoka.

To discover the underwater treasures of Anambas, you can either book a spot on a live-aboard vessel out of Singapore, or just make your way to one of the local Anambas dive outfitsAmazing Anambas Spacer.

One final request if I may, whilst enjoying Anambas, please, don't forget to do your bid to keep the archipelago's awesome biodiversity thriving, both at sea and on land. Leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but pictures. Cheers!


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