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Amazing Anambas

Fun in Anambas

Fun in Anambas

Fun in Anambas

1. Snorkeling at Pulau Penjalin

Pulau Penjalin is one of the outer islands of the Anambas Archipelago. This is one of the reasons that Penjalin is still practically untouched by man's activities. In fact, not only is Penjalin uninhabited, but there also isn't so much as a single man-made structure on the entire island, or even anywhere near it. The moment you arrive on Penjalin, you'll feel like you're in the reality show Survivor. Penjalin's white-as-snow sandy beach, its crystal-clear cobalt-blue waters, and especially its pristine coral gardens, need to all be seen to be believed. So grab your fins and dive mask and snorkel away.

2. Experience a sea turtle laying its eggs on the beach

If you want to see something truly unique, then witness the laying of a sea turtles eggs live. Whilst there are a few turtle sanctuary islands that offer this in South-east Asia, your chances of actually seeing it are best when you go to one of the turtle islands in Anambas. Pulau Durai, on average, has up to 4 or even 5 turtles coming ashore each night to dig a nest on the beach in which to lay their eggs. In fact, according to recent marine biology surveys, Durai has the highest number of nestings of all the Anambas and Natuna islands. Seeing these majestic turtles lay their eggs right before your eyes will be unforgettable.

3. See Rafflesia, the world's biggest flower

Granted, you need to have Lady Luck by your side in order to see Rafflesia in all its glory, but when you do, it will be ever so worth it. It so happens that Rafflesia arnoldii, which is the species found in Anambas, is the largest Rafflesia in the world. The nature guides in Anambas tend to know where to find these spectacular flowers, so get in touch with one of them when you're there. Then all you have to do is hope that one of the flowers is in bloom, a perfect selfie moment if ever there was one.



4. SUP around an uninhabited paradise island

Imagine taking out your SUP and paddling it around a little Bounty island so stunning, it looks like it came straight out of a glossy travel brochure. Well, now you can do just that. Just rent one of the SUP boards available in Anambas and set off from the white sandy beach at Pulau Renggek, a short 20 minute speedboat ride from Tarempa. Renggek isn't a big island and you'll be back where you started in an hour or so. But Renggek's breathtaking scenery will change every couple of minutes, from rugged rock formations, to coconut trees, to dense tropical jungle, to sheer cliffs that drop straight into the deep-blue sea water, to awesome lagoon, to snow-white sandy beach. Renggek is all-around gorgeous. And if you're lucky, you may even spot the resident monitor lizard couple, Fred and Shirley.

5. BBQ on your own private beach

Pulau Langgok is the perfect escape island. It has a gorgeous beach that gently slopes into its clear-blue sea, plenty of coconut trees, and it's sheltered from the elements too. Best of all, it's a mere 30 minutes' boat ride from Tarempa, Anambas' capital. Nothing beats enjoying a perfect evening around the BBQ, a great meal, a couple of drinks, just you and your travel party. Welcome to Anambas.

6. Bonus: Sail around Anambas' undiscovered paradise islands on your own sailboat.


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