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Amazing Anambas

Private Island

Private Island

Private Island

If you're looking for a real escape from noisy city life, from your boss, or from the non-stop siren call that is social media. If you're looking for your very own private island, then look no further.

The amazing Anambas Archipelago isn't only as good as untouched, as good as undiscovered, but it's also pretty much at World's End, situated as it is in a veritable no-man's land between Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo.

Ask ten random people if they've heard of "Anambas" and you'll likely get 10 blank stares. A few may mistake Anambas for the "Andaman" islands, which are actually an ocean away.

For some reason, in spite of the enormous potential and a wealth of Bounty beaches and coral gardens that would give even Maldives a run for its money, the Anambas islands have eluded the tourism industry and the traveling public at large.

But this has, in fact, been nothing short of a blessing, because the upshot of it is that it makes Anambas the ideal location, the ultimate paradise getaway, for those who really, really want to get away from it all. It makes Anambas the perfect spot for a private island holiday.

Best of all, you can enjoy as little or as many exotic trappings as you like. After all, Anambas has quite a range of accommodation types: from budget-friendly to quite swanky. You can take your private island pick.

Want to do nothing but laze around and enjoy Anambas' timeless beauty, relish nature's deafening silence and bask in the blissful rays of the tropical sun, all from the comfort of your very own private island. Then just find your Anambas accommodation of choice and book your room.

Prefer sea-related activities, such as snorkeling, scuba-diving, dolphin-watching, SUP, or angling? Then this, too, is a mere request away. Amazing Anambas has it all.

But, all the above being said, it appears as if the tourism industry has now caught a glimpse of Anambas, its private islands and all its natural wonders. Anambas has even been appearing on bucket travel lists here and there, a testament to the archipelago's breathtaking beauty, as well as the fact that the erstwhile wholly hidden region is now on the cusp of being discovered.

In other words, if you're looking for that ultimate escape, a unique private island getaway in the stunning Anambas archipelago, my advise is to not wait too long.

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