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Amazing Anambas

Island-Hopping Excursion

Island-Hopping Excursion

Island-Hopping Excursion

One of the most bang-for-your-buck ways to see the awesome natural beauty on offer in Anambas is by going on an island-hopping excursion. Not only will you be able to immerse fully into the idyllic tropical atoll environment that Anambas is blessed with, but you'll be able to get up close and personal with up to 4 or 5 such blissful castaway islands in a single outing.

Best of all, you'll likely be the only one on these sun-kissed atolls. A truly unique Robinson Crusoe experience that will remain indelible for the longest time, in particular in view all the other natural treasures you'll be able to enjoy on the secluded isles.

Snorkeling. Fishing. BBQ.

Such as? Well, with the sea as clear as liquid glass in Anambas, it goes without saying that snorkeling is a must-do whilst on your island-hopping trip. So bring your dive mask, snorkel and flippers, because marine life here is... well, breathtaking :)

This applies in particular to the countless coral reefs dotted around the islands, most of which in pristine condition, due to the fact that the islands aren't only relatively far-flung, but also because the Anambas territory skirts the so-called Coral Triangle. This area is renowned for its superior coral species diversity and generally thriving marine ecologies.

Whilst some of the Anambas islands have been gazetted as protected areas, others are suitable for activities like fishing and shellfish gathering. So why not go out and round up some fresh seafood in between snorkeling sessions? You can then have a beach BBQ later in the day. Life's good in Anambas.

Incidentally, quite a few of the Anambas islands have been nesting sites for the sea turtle population here. Most do their nesting and egg-laying after sunset, but there are always the tell-tale signs the next day.

Turtle Islands

Turtle Islands

Look for the flipper tracks left in the sand by the turtles as they clamber up the beach, typically to the very same spot they hatched from, courtesy of their instinct in combination with the nocturnal sky.

If you want to include one of the turtle islands in your island-hopping trip, just discuss this beforehand, so you can plot the ideal route for your excursion. For more details on the noteworthy turtle islands in Anambas, click here and here.


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