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Amazing Anambas

Anambas Food and Drink

Anambas Food and Drink

Anambas Food and Drink

When in Anambas, sampling the local food and drink is highly recommended. A delicious fusion style brought about by Anambas' rich traditions, history and its population's varied ancestry, the food here is full of full of flavor, often including unexpected ingredients that seem to somehow blend perfectly.

Tarempa for instance, offers half a dozen or so eateries that sell nasi padang. This dish, which is also known as "Rijsttafel", from the Dutch for rice table, is like a miniature banquet. Nasi Padang comprises chicken, beef, mutton, fish, various kinds of vegetables, along with soy-based side dishes and spicy sambal or chilli. Any of these choices can be selected and combined for a meal, to be had right there at the eatery itself, or to be packed ("bunkus") for eating elsewhere.

Mie Tarempa is another local delicacy. The noodles that form the basis for this simple but delightful signature dish are derived from locally produced flour. Cooked eggs are added, along with fresh taugeh, fried tuna flakes and a secret combination of spices and herbs. The resultant dish is then served with chilli and a dash of soy sauce. Exquisite.

Another traditional Anambas recipe is "Nasi Dagang". Nasi Dagang is more of a bite-sized snack than a full-on meal actually, but it's scrumptious all the same. It consists of nothing more than a serving of cooked white rice with a few slices of boiled egg or half a boiled egg added in. This is then wrapped in a pandang leaf and some chilli and/or friend anchovies. The lot is then craftily pinned into a compact hand-held snack with a toothpick. Nasi Dagang is a great savoury little snack that can be had in between meals or as a simple breakfast. Or any time you feel like it :)

On to the beverages.

If you're a coffee fan, then Anambas is the place to be. The coffee in the Anambas islands is typically strong, black and with a very enjoyable roasty flavor. It's usually served extremely hot and may well have a layer of the coffee grounds in the bottom of your cup. As you can imagine, having a cup of coffee in Anambas will satisfy even the biggest caffeine dependent.

Naturally, the Anambas cuisine consists of many other joys to the palate, too many to name in fact. You'll find that trying the Anambas "makan" and "minum" is nothing short of a wonderful little culinary exploration. Bon appetit!


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