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Pulau Senol

Pulau Senol

Pulau Senol

Pulau Senol is located to the northeast of Tarempa, at about a 30 minute speedboat ride. By pompong, it takes about 1.5 hours or so to reach Senol.

Pulau Senol has been said to offer some of the finest snorkelling spots in Anambas.

What's more, as it happens, for a day-trip, Pulau Senol is just about perfect, given that it has quite a long white sandy beach along its west coast and plenty of shade in the way of thick lush vegetation in its interior, amongst which an abundance of coconut trees.

In fact, so dense is the coconut tree count that locals have taken to harvesting the coconuts wholesale in order to process it to copra.

Once picked, which is still done the traditional way, the coconuts are opened and their white flesh is removed. This is then dried in the sun, to ultimately turn into the prized copra. With a bit of luck, you'll be able to see the workers at it at Senol.

As Senul's location is rather sheltered, its surrounding sea water tends to be mostly calm during the south-west monsoon, from March to September.

This makes Senol Island not only ideal for snorkeling and stand-up paddling, but for fishing too, particularly from or opposite its more rugged eastern coast, where the sea floor drops of to quite a bit deeper than the island's west flank.

On the way to Pulau Penjalin for a weekend trip there? Then Senol makes for a great stop-over.

During the monsoon. December to February, Senol is exposed to the winds and waves, especially its eastern side, so during this season, typically from November to February, Senol isn't really suitable, or indeed accessible, for recreational purposes.

As for the remainder of the year, if you're looking for a great day in a little castaway island that offers fun land as well as water-based activities, then Pulau Senol is the place to be.


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