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Tioman Ferry

Tioman Ferry

Tioman Ferry

So you've been hearing a lot about Tioman Island and it keeps coming up in your friends' emails and Facebook posts, so much so that you're now wondering if Tioman really is as magical as they say it is.

Well, in a nutshell, when TIME Magazine declares Tioman top 10 most beautiful island in the world, which it did once, then it's probably safe to say that Tioman really is indeed beautiful.

Tioman Island, or, as it's locally known, Pulau Tioman, is situated off the eastern seaboard of West Malaysia. Together with a number of other little islands, Tioman makes up an archipelago called Seri Buat.

Other islands in this chain are Pulau Aur, Pulau Dayang, Pulau Rawa and Pulau Besar. Now, whilst each of these islands is pretty in its own right, Tioman has the widest recognition world-wide, no doubt at least in part as a result of TIME's earlier homage.

Of sandy feet and exotic bliss

But for the most part it's Tioman's incredible natural allure and oasis-like qualities that has resulted in its popularity amongst travelers in the region and further afield. Tioman truly is Paradise Found.

Bathed in sensational bliss, with raw, powerful and unspoiled beauty, Tioman island is where myth and reality meet. It's that stunning.

Transport to Tioman

From Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, there as coaches that go to Mersing, the location of the ferry terminal. Make sure you coordinate coach arrival time with ferry departure time, because the ferry is subject to the tides in Mersing. In effect, it can only depart at high tide. This is why the Mersing ferry tends to depart at a different hour every day. It basically needs to chase the high tide mark.

Complicated? Perhaps. But you'll know it was worth it the moment Tioman looms ahead in the distance.

If you prefer the easy way, then just book a taxi. They're available in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore too.

Ok, once you've made your way to Mersing, just head for the ferry terminal ticket counter and buy a ticket. That is, if the ferry isn't yet fully booked. Due to the tidal restrictions, on any given day, Tioman currently has more hotel rooms available than the ferry can manage.

In other words, if you don't want to get stuck in Mersing with your Tioman hotel already booked, then - in spite of the somewhat higher ticket rate - it's a good idea to book your Tioman ferry tickets in advance.

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Tioman Ferry

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