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Pulau Langok

Pulau Langok

Pulau Langok

So diminutive that you can stroll around it in 15 minutes, Pulau Langok still offers everything a paradise island should. For starters, Langok has one of the prettiest beaches around: soft clear sand, with a rugged boulder-strewn southern side, yet also offering a length of blissfully soft sand along its southwest to northwest flank.

Langok's idyllic sandy stretch slopes up where its treeline starts; rocks, jungle and hillside then morphing into a wild impenetrable tangle of craggy terrain that, tiny as it is, in all likelihood still awaits its exploration.

Blessed with an abundance of coral species of all shapes, colors and sizes, certainly pound for pound, Langok boasts some of the best coral gardens in Anambas.

Windsurfers, kiteboarders, foilers and similar small craft sailors pick Langok as one of their favorites, given its rare combination of wind and relative sheltered location.

Whether you're keen to just picnic, sunbathe and snorkel the day away, or a raving wind-junkie kitesurfer at heart, Langok Island will undoubtedly have an awesome day of out and about fun in the sun in store


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