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Pulau Mengkait

Pulau Mengkait

Pulau Mengkait

Pulau Mengkait currently has a very special status, because it has been nominated to be a homestay fishing village. Pulau Mengkait and its people extend a warm welcome to all visitors from all corners of the world, who would like to immerse into the fishing village life of yore, where its inhabitants go about their daily lives in the same way they have done for countless years in the past.

This is quite a unique experience, to get a firsthand taste of what life is like for the people in a remote Indonesian fishing community. To be able to mingle personally with the fishermen and their families, to enjoy their kind and generous hospitality and to relish the exceptional beauty of Pulau Mengkait's pristine beaches and crystal-clear sea.

Pulau Mengkait welcomes you.


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