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Pulau Kuku

Pulau Kuku

Pulau Kuku

A historically significant site, Pulau Kuku is located near the island of Jemaja. During the Vietnamese refugee crisis in the early to mid 80's, Pulau Kuku was one of the islands used by Indonesia to house the Vietnamese boat people, who were fleeing their country en masse at the time.

In fact, a total of 40,000 refugees were retained on Pulau Kuku and to a lesser extent on Pulau Air Raya. Regrettably, not everyone made it off the island.

For this reason, Kuku still exerts quite a draw to those who spent time here as a refugee, as well as, in some cases, to their children and grandchildren.

See also Hung Nguyen's blog post Kuku Refugee Camp - Indonesia 1981


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