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HygienePass in Anambas

HygienePass in Anambas

HygienePass in Anambas

Now more than ever, travelers need to be confident that the hotel or resort they want to book meets the highest hygiene and Covid protection measures. The good news is that whilst the various vaccines were gaining more and more ground against the pandemic, the forward-looking Indonesian Public Health Expert Association and well-established Hotel management group RedDoorz launched a stringent sanitation and hygiene certification initiative for the hospitality industry in Indonesia.

The program, appropriately called HygienePass, aims to set the highest hygiene and sanitation standards amongst hotels, resorts and other tourism industry stakeholders. The objective being to inspire confidence amongst tourists, both domestically and internationally, who are looking forward to visit the archipelago's countless natural treasures, but want to visit safely.

Fast-forward to 2024 and a growing number of hospitality players are now the proud owner of the HygienePass certificate. Only upon passing the comprehensive HygienePass audit will a tourism company be permitted to proceed to the actual certification process.

The audit includes checks for full implementation of sanitation and cleanliness practices, including body temperature scans for all staff and incoming guests, as well as availability of disinfectation equipment to sanitize rooms and public areas.

It's clear that the travel industry has been fundamentally changed, due to Covid; safety and hygiene are at the forefront of travelers' minds. With HygienePass, guests can be sure their hotel meets the highest safety and hygiene standards.

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