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Pulau Bawah, Asia's last hidden paradise

Pulau Bawah

Pulau Bawah

Whilst Pulau Bawah is Bahasa Indonesia for Nether Island, it's actually a small cluster of five distinct islets. The "Nether" part of the name is derived from the fact that Pulau Bawah is located at the very southern fringes of the Anambas Archipelago. In fact, Pulau Bawah is located at about 250 km northeast of Singapore.

The main island, Pulau Bawah itself, has a total surface area of 66 hectares and is surrounded by four smaller islets, Pulau Muba, Pulau Sangga, Pulau Elang and Pulau Lidi. Including a number of nondescript rocks jutting out of the water, all these little siblings combined total another 101 hectares of terrain.

Apart from a resort, Pulau Bawah is uninhabited. The nearest populated land is Pulau Airabu, a neighbouring island roughly 30 km away.

Pulau Bawah comprises three lagoons, each of which providing a habitat for extensive coral gardens and a unique variety of marine flora and fauna. The lagoons aren't only excellent for scubadiving and snorkeling, but the second-largest lagoon in particular also offers a sheltered deep-water anchorageAmazing Anambas Spacer for fishing boats from Anambas and for visiting pleasure boats from around the region dropping in for a visit.

Pulau Bawah's highest point is a lush 150 meter tall hill top. The hill itself consists of coconut and palm trees, which gradually make way to a dense jungle canopy near the hill's upper section. The hill also provides spectacular vistas of the Pulau Bawah scenery.

How can any place this beautiful still be so unknown?

Pulau Bawah, Asia's last hidden paradise


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